The wheels of McLaren will draw in the roots of the trees

McLaren 570GT por MSO ConceptAmazing, but true. The design director of McLaren, Frank Stephenson, was recently at the opening of a new dealership of the brand in Melbourne, Australia, when he made some statements that left all present there, and we have learned a little after, with the mouth open.

According to the director of brand design Woking, tires of its models in the future may not be 100 % symmetrical and use a design very different. Of we have always known the tires, well they were sheet metal or aluminum, with a few of the ways completely symmetrical and a number of rays determined. This seems to be, could radically change.

McLaren MSO HSStephenson declared that a design similar to that of the roots of the trees (each radio with the ways and directions that you will antojen), would develop a few radios that are thinner, lighter, and articulated. This help dissipate energy better at the time of absorbing any irregularity of the ground such as potholes or joints of asphalt, preventing all the energy is absorbed by the center of the wheel; therefore would have less “shake” to the suspension, to the car body and the occupants.

The chief designer of McLaren stated that “when the wheel receives a blow, in place of the impact go directly to the center of the wheel, it dissipates long before. So that you can make the radios to be much lighter, much thinner”. In theory it would give more strength to the rim, but would force them counterweights for a perfect balanced, something that affirms it is not a problem since you can install in the rear, so they would not be in sight.

Told Stephenson that in the future the wheels are going to be very different as we know it today. I hope soon to see made a reality; without a doubt it will be a very strange feeling.