The win Tiptronic Volkswagen Fox 2017


The Volkswagen Fox take Tiptronic automatic transmission that will come to replace the current i-Motion. However this will not happen until 2017.


Volkswagen-Fox-2015-restyling-2 E l start of production of the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and Audi Q3 in the Brazilian plant Sao Jose dos Pinhais , in Parana, It will bring further improvements to other models in the lineup of products from Volkswagen in Brazil. The first to benefit will be the Volkswagen Fox, who will earn a Tiptronic automatic transmission , coming to replace the current i-Motion .

Thus Fox will have a conventional automatic gear box , rather than using automated today. In return, it means that neither the A3, Q3 or the Golf manufactured in Brazil, will have automatic transmission with double clutch DSG. However the arrival of the box TITRONIC® Fox will take place only in 2017.

The Fox that Volkswagen tries to present its latest update aspirations as a compact premium will have the opportunity to come closer to that goal with the arrival of the new transmission , as the case i-Motion does not stand out precisely because of its good performance. It will also serve to further differentiate the model of Volkswagen Gol.

The current goal have its generational change towards the end of next year, while for the new generation of Fox will have to wait until the end of 2017.



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