The winter coats are dangerous if combined with the restraint systems child


The winter coat may prevent that the child is securely attached to the stroller

Protect your son or daughter from cold in winter can be dangerous if we do not do it correctly. coats can cause a bad use of restraint systems for children and therefore pose a danger to the child in case of an accident. The recommendation is to hold the child to the child car seat without the coat and then cover it with the garment or a blanket over the harness if needed.

Best to cover the child above the system of retention

The tests, which you can see in the video that accompanies the article, reflect that coats give a false sense of correct fit. The bulk of the garment of winter, of a lot of volume but little consistency, make lighten up too the harness that in case of an accident does not subject enough to the body of the child in allowing this quit fired from the saddle, and of their own coat, even in accidents of less than 50 km/h.

On the other hand, if we adjust the harness without a coat and cover the child with a garment or a blanket on the retention system, in case of accident, the correct restraint prevents the child off the chair. The advice is valid both for children as for adults, although in this latter case, three-point seatbelts auto-adjustable today should virtually eliminate this effect.

child restraint systems are very effective to save the life of the minor in the event of an accident, but its effectiveness is directly proportional to the proper use we make of them. If the seat is incorrectly installed may not protect the life of its occupant and may result in serious injury and even death in the event of an accident.

Never forget to read the manual installation of the retention system and of the vehicle, dedicate the necessary time can save you a good disgust.