The witch-hunt begins within the Volkswagen Group

From almost two months ago, Volkswagen group and in general live a seizure due to the scandal arisen through the figures of NOx emissions, which have been subsequently extended to the CO2 but in a smaller proportion. The brand is willing to clarify the facts and to do this ask the collaboration of its own employees, thus giving beginning to a witch hunt.


The investigation is ongoing and before the end of the year it is expected to have the guilty

The bubble generated from the problems of emissions and consumptions of the engines Volkswagen has not done more to start. Yesterday the German Government claimed that 50 models of 23 different brands were being investigated by emitting more particles of NOx due, a case that is already known as the Dieselgate.

behind closed doors the board of management of Volkswagen Group has set a deadline to clarify the facts internally. To the end of the year they want to have on the table the names, and if possible the heads of the guilty of the match-fixing that has led to not only loss of credibility but also a strong economic recession.

To encourage the rapid resolution of the management has encouraged its own employees to contribute tracks, or guilty, about the case. A risk that it will not make the dismissal or future legal actions on the worker, unless it is part of the high spheres of the company, which in that case would be brought to justice.

For the process of research is conducted in the most clean as possible, the group has been done with the services of the advice of Deloitte and the law firm of Jones Day from the U.S. Both must to investigate the circumstances under which they were installed already famous defeat device, and those who are directly responsible for such a ruse.


It urges the workers to denounce their own colleagues

In terms of the correction in the engines affected Volkswagen, remind you that you are more than 11 million around the world. For the moment nothing is known about the steps that clients should follow, or if they lost some kind of benefit in your vehicle. Calls to review will start in January next year, continuing throughout the year.