The wizard of Google to the car comes to compete against Alexa Amazon

there are Already several manufacturers that have opted to integrate the virtual assistant Alexa Amazon in their cars. Now Google also wants to bring its own version of what should be a interface of voice control with the car and has launched her own wizard Android Auto.

The company has released an update for this app in united States in which already includes his assistant. From now on drivers that have been downloaded will be able to ask your car how to reach the site, asking him to remember your address book, or play a song. You can even use the wizard of Google to send or receive messages through services like WhatsApp, or SMS messaging.

Internet Orders through the wizard of Google

there are Already several available wizards that can be controlled from the car, —Apple also has his own, thanks to Siri. Now companies vie for to get the wizard that offers more and better services. For his part, the newly-arrived wizard Google will allow in a future to make orders through the voice commands in the car. For example, they may make an order in a coffee shop or restaurant while they are driving, and then pick it up personally. Of course, you can only get this kind of job to the establishments that have been associated with the application.

In the presentation of his assistant, Google added that they are working with car manufacturers to integrate it directly into the multimedia systems of their upcoming models. We have already seen some progress with the multi-media system, Volvo-Google. In this way it will not be necessary to connect any smartphone the vehicle through the Android app-Auto, but that will be a proper function of the car.

Google and Amazon on the hunt for auto technologies

Both Google and Amazon are making efforts to ensure a position in the world of technologies related to the automobile. His assistants controlled by voice are only a small part of the R & D projects that are developing. Include all kind of technologies such as driving, autonomous, with Google cars Waymo; electric vehicles, with the drone to charge batteries patented by Amazon, or the sale of cars by the Internet.

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