The works of the Gigafactoría of Tesla Motors bird’s-eye view

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

From that came to the market Tesla Motors things have changed substantially. In a first moment was not taken seriously by the sector, however, has proven to itself and others that it is a firm that has come to stay and try to be one of the cocks of the corral. With the Roadster laid the first stone, but the Model S is the one that will open the doors to most of the markets in the world.

Such has been the growth of the firm’s Silicon Valley its range has grown with a whole way and is on the way a future vehicle are smaller than the Model S. For all of these plans take form, they decided build one of the factories largest in the world for the manufacture of their batteries. With this movement no longer dependent of their suppliers and can reduce development and manufacturing costs increase your profits.

As we all know the chosen place by Elon Musk to build the gigafactoría is in Nevada, united states and thanks to this video made by Matthew Roberts we can see how well that would go the construction works. For now, much work remains to be done but when completed will occupy a total area of 107 football fields and in it the firm wants to manufacture 500,000 units per year that have been marked as a target when it reaches the market the Model 3.

When this mega factory is at full capacity Tesla expects to produce about 35 gigawatt-hour (GWh) of capacity per year. With this power to become one of the factories, most cutting-edge in the technology of the automotive sector at the global level. For now its construction is going at good pace waiting for the models of the signature come on the market in the periods that the mark has been advertised and will not be delayed in time much more than initially announced.

Source (video) – Matthew Roberts

Tesla Model S

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