The world is insane: the first Porsche 911 R already sold in the secondary market for six times their RRP

we Knew that sooner or later something like this would end up happening, but I didn’t think would be so fast. A buyer who has booked a Porsche 911 R has already been on sale, without even having it in his power. The speculation in the world of classic cars is an endemic evil – whose ultimate consequence is to deprive the real fans to enjoy the cars of their dreams. The case of this Porsche 911 R is particularly illuminating: your selling price has increased nearly six. Are we crazy?

The speculation is one of the endemic evils of the current market of classic cars and supercars exclusive.

Porsche 911 R is one of the cars more exclusive to ever come out of Zuffenhausen. It is practically a Porsche 911 GT3 RS without the aerodynamics to an extreme, and equipped with a manual gearbox of six relations, instead of a box PDK. Only 991 units will be produced, and each and every one of them already have an owner. A unique sporty 500-horsepower and maximum torque of the engine, we already knew that it was going to revalue: the 911 GT3 RS is being sold in the secondary market at double its RRP, no major problems.

porsche_911_R_2016_post_equipamiento_3But I’m still awestruck that the price “Buy It Now” of this Porsche 911 R of european origin – that we remember, has even been delivered to its owner – whether of 1.25 million dollars. In the description of the announcement can be read that the future owner of the car does not sell for less than 950.000 euro. The seller is serious, and it is not a bluff behind the April Fools’ Day, is completely real. The sale is formalized before a notary and the seller requires a deposit of 200,000 euros as a guarantee that they will be paid in full.

This particular unit is white in colour and has been tasked with wheels color black metallic. A nice combination.

This payment must be in the 48 hours following the purchase. Taking into account that its price in Spain is 217.468 euros, only the reservation is as valuable as the rest of the car. We understand that the Porsche 911 R will be possibly the last Porsche for purists – the maximum power, manual, with aesthetic retro – but we still think that this speculation is absurd. Imagine buying a Porsche 911 R, and that someone takes even before that you can put to your steering wheel. I stir the stomach just thinking about it.

porsche-911-r-2016-2Perhaps it is simply that we are “poor”, and we do not understand how the world works from the “rich”.

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