The World Rally Cars hybrids are not so far away


The new generation of World Rally Cars is about to debut with few ingredients very defined and go through a picture more radical. Well it is true that another of its key is the increase of power that have suffered the engines to 1.6 Turbo thanks to the flange of 36 mm, but in practical terms this extra power or the arrival of the center differential hydraulic is not exactly a technical revolution in itself. Small tweaks for World Rally Cars more cheerful not to have done more than delay the arrival of hybrid technology to the WRC.

The reality closest and most tangible is that these new World Rally Cars will be the stars of the World during at least one cycle regulatory, or what is the same, during the next three seasons. Three years in which the perspective of the automotive industry will undergo some changes and that can serve as a nexus of union to a future that is not so far away and that means to see World Rally Cars-hybrid. A way that the fund is not unknown to the world of competition, because now the Formula 1 and LMP1 in the WEC already working with mechanical hybrid.

The hybridization of the World Rally Cars could be a reality in 2020, or at the latest in 2021 if it is decided to prolong the life of the current vehicles a year extra. In fact, Jarmo Mahonen, in quality of Director of Rallies of the FIA, has already put attention on this option claiming that it is the way to go and that now is the time that the manufacturers and the FIA to work in communion to be able to begin to work in this way. In short, the World Rally Cars with hybrid technology are not so far away, but now is the time to enjoy a stage-and its great attractions.