The world’s largest truck is “electric”. These are their incredible numbers

Created in Belarus 75710 BelAZ is the world’s largest truck an immense mass of 360 tons has been created specifically for mining work. BelAZ is one of the leaders of the mining industry and the creator of 30% of the trucks used in the business. The dimensions of the truck, and the figures discussed below, only meet the needs of mining which to carry out their work requires moving and moving tons of rock and ore into vehicles that make any car look like a Lilliputian to his side. Of BelAZ 75710 and we have spoken on occasion. But then the most amazing figures of this truck will tell you to give you some idea of ​​what we’re dealing with. And above all we will see if it really is electric or not.

BelAZ 75710, this is the largest and most capable dumper planet

Generally, these trucks are “electric”. Maybe that you’ve read somewhere (see entry on Engadget). We will choose to quote their status as “electric” because, as we shall see, that description is tricky, and must be qualified. These vehicles can not dispense entirely on fossil fuels, which may be what you mean by electric truck.

  • Its dimensions . The BelAZ 75710 measures 20.6 meters long, 9.87 meters wide and 8165 meters high. His battle, the wheelbase is 8 meters.
  • A giant ant . While its curb weight is 360 tons, 75710 BelAZ be loaded with up to 450 tonnes, well above the weight of the vehicle itself. So this dump, fully loaded, can weigh 810 tonnes. Oversimplify accounts, this BelAZ loaded weigh as much as 810 ordinary utilities, as well as 810 Opel Corsa.


  • Two fuel tanks 2800 liters (a total of 5600 liters of fuel on board). One hundred times the capacity of conventional tourism.
  • Fuel tanks? But was no electricity? Obviously, the energy storage capacity would require an electrical dump its size does not feasible to use batteries. Instead we two diesel engines again mammoth. Each engine develops 1,715 kW (2,232 hp) at just 1,900 rpm , turbo by. Sixteen-cylinder engines are vee and 65,000 cm3, which consume 198 grams of fuel per kWh generated. These motors are not connected to the transmission is not responsible for moving the vehicle, but only function as generators to feed the electric motors.
  • This truck is equipped with four electric motors, with their corresponding reducers and alternators, divided two to two in two axes. This BelAZ is capable of reaching a speed of 40 km / h fully loaded and with an unfavorable gap of 10%. Although less burden is able to reach 65 km / h .


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  • Why this combination of electric motors and diesel generators? because it is more efficient to produce that energy using diesel generators working at low engine directly connected to transmission using engines. Moreover, these combustion engines hardly would offer versatility, immediacy and efficiency of electric motors used by this dump.
  • The BelAZ 75710 uses eight wheels with radial tires and tread designed for open-pit mines, and measures 59/80 R63 . Even tires figures are amazing. These tires have a diameter of 4 meters, a width of half meters and each weighing 5.75 tons .
  • Its maneuverability is very acceptable . By having two directional axes, you can rotate both its front and its rear axle. As a result, this truck has a radius of less than 20 meters turn.

Source: BelAZ
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BelAZ 75710, this is the largest and most capable dumper planet

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