The “Would you like to drive?” To … This is the new BMW advertising campaign

all remember that mythical advertising campaign BMW with that hand the wind, leaning from the window of the car and that “Do you like driving?” that became so famous. Now BMW launches a new advertising campaign and that “Do you like driving?” Had a new “When driving, driving” .

Facing the rationality of car sharing, bicycle use in your daily transport BMW invites you to pick a BMW when it comes to driving.

With this new campaign BMW deepens, in the words of the brand itself, the idea that under the current attitude towards the private car, where rationality of have a car so often questioned own “if you like driving, it makes more sense than ever to have a BMW .

In line with this idea BMW introduces us to a bicycle user in their day to day then opts for a BMW , we imagine that what the “Like driving? “when you have to drive.

Recalling that “Do you like driving?”

Inevitably a new advertising campaign BMW as this invites us to remember, to homenajeemos to that mythical “Do you like driving?” So time to give the play before meeting the new campaign This new “when driving, driving.”

“When driving, driving” this is the new campaign BMW

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