The WRC puts the spotlight on Corsica and Monte carlo


The landing of the Rally of China in the WRC it was almost inevitable. Many interests all tended to incorporate the asian giant in the season 2016 for the World Rally. However, almost all assumed that arrival of China would imply the output of any of the dating european. For weeks the Tour de Corse and the Rally of Sardinia was heard as possible candidates to leave the calendar. However, come the moment of truth, the Commission of Rallies of the FIA decided at the World Council of the Motor to approve a provisional calendar with 14 tests.

Since the publication of the calendar of 14 rallies have not stopped ringing discordant voices in the service parks of the WRC. The possibility of eliminating one of the tests is still present, but today all the appointments for the championship have signed an agreement with the promoter of the World Rally. Well, all least two. The Monte carlo Rally and the Tour de Corse does not yet have a signed contract, which requires the organizers of both tests to get the batteries to reach an agreement before 30 November. Not to be so, can be left out.

The Monte carlo Rally is the most iconic of the championship and however was out of the WRC in the years between 2009 and 2011. Although you already know the path of the test, of time nothing subject to the conclusion of the test based on Gap. For its part, the Tour de Corse has been out of the World since 2008 and his return with 9 stretches has not been as expected due to the bad weather conditions. The pressure of the ‘lobby’ of the british, and the complaints of Citro├źn or Volkswagen about a calendar of 14 tests can have its consequences. let’s Hope events.

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