The WRC seeks long-term commitment of the manufacturers


Volkswagen Motorsport has been in the last few years the
manufacturer of reference in the WRC
and in turn, a great support for the developer
of the WRC in many aspects. However, the abrupt departure of the German firm
the World Rally has reminded FIA the ephemeral that can be the
commitment of a manufacturer
. Even so, the situation is far less dramatic, that the launch of Volkswagen Motorsport has been linked to the arrival
Toyota Gazoo Racing
after nearly two decades out of the WRC and the return of
Citro├źn Racing
after a year ‘sabbatical’.

With four manufacturers involved, the WRC still has
good health
, but to avoid an even greater exodus, the FIA intended to require a
long-term commitment of the manufacturers
. Although the construction of a new
World Rally Car should be the symptom of a commitment of several years, Jarmo Mahonen or
trust after seeing the abrupt departure of Volkswagen Motorsport when there was
reiterated that he would compete in the World cup until at least 2019. In this
look, the FIA and the promoter of the WRC not only looking for a commitment of
competition, but also in the successful promotion of the contest.

Although far are the seven manufacturers that competed in
the WRC between 2000 and 200
2, the presence of four marks in the long term should serve to strengthen the championship. In this aspect,
Jarmo Mahonen is quite positive about the current situation, in spite of everything: “The
end, it is good to know that Volkswagen has abandoned the WRC for their own
, by factors external to the own rallies. Not like Subaru in 2008, which was
by the lack of value of the championship. I think that today the situation is very
different, but we have to keep working on to get the marks
have long-term programs