The WRC study to return to a sole supplier of tires


Eternal discussion. The WRC moves in the last few years in the thin line that separates the turn the premier class on a single brand of tires, or the opposite open hand to invite new providers to put ‘shoes’ to the World Rally Car. In this regard, the WRC has lived through the two possibilities in the last few years with the role of Pirelli -up to 2010 – and later of Michelin as a supplier only. However, hatching definitive Pirelli and DMACK has allowed that in 2016 there are three manufacturers with a varied and appealing of tyres for the World Rally Car.

In practical terms, Michelin remains the colossus among the World Rally Car, whenever all the cars from the factory mounted tires of the signature of Bibendum. However, the Pirelli tyres have been made hollow between the private pilots by their price more adjusted and the tires DMACK have proven their worth. Well it is true that the signing of the anglo-china has had to assemble his own team and placed Ott Tanak at the controls of a Ford Fiesta RS WRC to demonstrate that their products are competitive, but the last Rally of Poland has left more than patent.

however, the promoter of the WRC study to return to a single supplier of tires. The increased requirements of the new World Rally Car with the tyres, the role of dominator Michelin among the factory equipment, and the lack of confidence of these teams in other proposals may well be arguments at the time of making this decision. Be that as it may, the decision will be made in the next month, although the money invested by the manufacturers of tires and the disposal of the manufacturers, teams and private pilots to have other options you can decant this fictitious balance. Of time, voices of Volkswagen and M-Sport bet by having several manufacturers.