The WRC will not have the calendar of 16 rallies before 2022


It is not a secret that the WRC seeks to new formulas for
to improve its diffusion
and one of the most important is to expand the number of
countries that visit the fair. More than a dozen countries have submitted their candidacy to host a rally of the WRC in the future
nearby, and in this aspect, the promoter of the WRC seems to have a defined plan not
just to add dates to your calendar, but to decentralize the contest of Europe.
The goal is to to expand the current schedule of thirteen rallies with some
incorporation in 2018 and to reach the sixteen rallies in 2022

The visits of various delegations of the FIA and of the
promoter of the WRC Croatia and Chile are not accidental, since the aim is to
expand the calendar with prudent steps and gradual. In this aspect,
Croatia and New Zealand are the candidates best placed to enter the
WRC in 2018
. Waiting to see what happens with the Rally of China, the firm
the proposal of the european country and the country of origin of Hayden Paddon are the best
placed to land on the calendar. Chile and Turkey may follow in the
steps of these two candidates, but ahead of the season 2019

Croatia or New Zealand could fill the gap in the month of
that has stopped the Rally of China if the asian test at the end not
ends entering in the WRC. All in all, will not be until 2022 when the
calendar of the WRC has sixteen quotes
, which implies that there may be
large movements on the dates in the World, any time that there are quite a few
candidate countries and evidence on european soil who do not have secured its future
so long-term. In fact, one of the keys is
get a WRC with eight rallies in Europe and eight away from the old continent.
Currently the division is 10-3.