The WTCC enhances the awards of the private pilot


The WTCC strengthens its cash prizes for the private pilots. The teams and formations compete for the Trophy in Yokohama Independent will have a fund more awards at the season 2016. Specifically, Eurosport Events doubles this deposit and will offer 500,000 euros over the next season. With this movement, the promoter of the championship, he wants to improve his bet by pilots and private structures, the most solid foundation of the championship in recent years. In fact, during 2015 there was a 50% of independent drivers competing in the World Touring car.

manufacturers will come and go according to the dictates of the market, while the formations are private are those that remain in the championship. Seat, Alfa Romeo, BMW, or Chevrolet had a presence in the championship in the last decade, in one form or another, but all have been moving away from the boat. Well it is true that there are still some Chevrolet Cruze private competition, but all thanks to RML, a trainer private. The WTCC is aware of this and although the official teams give a reputation extra the championship, the silent work of the small teams are the ones that keep afloat the championship.

Of the nine private pilots present on regular basis in the WTCC in 2015, Norbert Michelisz was the most money he joined with some 66,000 euros in prizes, while Mehdi Bennani as runner-up reached the not inconsiderable figure of 58.000€. These amounts will be duplicated in the next season, a year that draw complicated for independent pilots to the level of visibility. It should be recalled that in 2016, Citroen, Volvo, Honda and Lada will have the official team, with a minimum of eight or nine official cars. Therefore, the bet of Eurosport Events is even more remarkable.