The WTCC lives his own schism with the tires


The appointment of the WTCC in Nürbugring left great images and moments, a successful weekend for Volvo and Nicky Catsburg as the great protagonist after his victory in the World cup and his subsequent podium finish at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. However, the rigors of a path as demanding as the Nordschleife have led to a true crisis around the tires Yokohama. Tiago Monteiro or Rob Huff, two of the voices with more weight in the contest, have loaded hard against the supplier in japanese following the multiple punctures that lived during the three days of competition. The tension is palpable.

“Dangerous” or “unacceptable”. Those were the adjectives that received the tires from Yokohama and the own situation at the Nürburgring, despite the efforts of the manufacturer itself. In fact, after the puncture experienced in the FP1, the brand made some adjustments that a priori they managed to provide a solution to the problems. However, the requirement of the own race, the high kerbs on the Nordschleife, the compressions own this track and the areas with the most abrasive of the track were ingredients for which the punctures are bred in the ‘Opening Race’. In this aspect, the changes of pressure were not enough.

The regulations of the WTCC does not allow to make a specific tyre for Nürburgring, so that in the end these problems were likely to recur, because in 2016, also experienced a similar situation. The work of Yokohama and the configuration more ‘conservative’ did not prevent a critical situation that always occurs in that game between a higher hardness and at the same time find performance, the entire time that the recommendations of the pressure of the tires are not mandatory. And while the pilots point to Yokohama as guilty, from the brand understand that their recommendations have not been complied with by the equipment. so we have a schism!