The x-ray of the sport’s most spectacular and iconic


Lamborghini Countach-US-Specs

Today almost in disuse, the illustrations of automobiles type x-ray or X-ray vision were extremely common until not so many years in this industry. The arrival of new technologies applied to the world of photography, video and graphic design in general have been relegated in part, giving way to other disciplines graphs most demanded, especially the interactive.

however, the spectacular nature of this artwork type still retains all its force, especially when these works show us those models, that either belong to the segment of supercars or because of being the protagonists of the history of the engine, as is the case of the special gallery we have prepared for this interview.


Ferrari 599XX, radical version track-only 599 GTB and real rolling laboratory.

Although we still can find this type of work from the marketing departments of the various brands, unfortunately, that is not so common, especially because in many occasions this kind of works should do them true specialists in the art of drawing, and the arrival of the tools of design have made this series of work.

Among the selection we have collected of this type of drawings we find a huge selection of authentic icons of the motor world, both within the different models of production, and even classic universe of the competition.


Honda NSX first generation.

Particularly noteworthy are those works that show us aspects generally little seen of these true monsters on wheels, as is the case of the Cobra, in which you can appreciate the visual lightness of its tubular frame. Or the spectacle intrinsic to the radical technology of models such as the Honda NSX first generation, the Lamborghini Countach or the race version of the Ferrari 550 Maranello.

Precisely the models of central engine are those that are more spectacular, because to have the opportunity to probe the interior of their frames we can appreciate the true proportions of their mechanical high-displacement with respect to the rest of your body, as the case may be, of the Maserati Bora and its V8 of 4.7 liters, which we miss in its level of detail its characteristic and complex hydraulic system, inherited from Citro├źn and operating elements such as the adjustment of the seats or the elevation of the headlights retractable.

In other cases, we can appreciate the internal differences of some models that shared platform but with approaches as diverse as the Ferrari 328 GTS or the Ferrari Mondial 3.2 models, with a shared engine and frame but that in the case of the Mondial had a cabin 2+2 in place of two-seater, in addition to a practical rear luggage compartment behind the V8 cross.