The Yamaha MOTIV be manufactured in series to compete against the Smart ForTwo


The Smart ForTwo will have a competitor in 2019, when Yamaha MOTIV into production. With 2.69 meters long be offered with a 1.0 engine 80 hp or 100% electric variant .


Yamaha-MOTIV.e-2 E l CITYC designed by Gordon Murray in 2013 will be built in series by Yamaha in 2019. It is an urban seater vehicle which was christened as Yamaha MOTIV, which inspired motorcycles hit the market to arise as a direct competitor to the Smart ForTwo.

The Yamaha MOTIV used construction techniques Gordon Murray designed in the form specified for use in the production of small cars, and is based on a tubular structure on which a body is mounted in lightweight composite materials developed, such as plastic resins reinforced with carbon fiber .

The former head of projects McLaren F1 called to this technique as iStream and is a method involving reduced production costs and a very low total weight. That will be the method that will be used to produce the Yamaha MOTIV.

is a seater 2.69 meters long , which will be offered in two mechanical variants, one with internal combustion engine and one equipped with an electric drive.

Yamaha-MOTIV.e-1 The most accessible shall be equipped with an engine three-cylinder 1.0 liter engine, with an output of 80 horsepower associated with a six-speed automatic transmission with double clutch and rear wheel drive.

With this mechanical assembly could accelerate the MOTIV 0-100 kph under 10 seconds despite their low power, thanks to its weight of only 700 kg.

In addition there will be a purely electric version to be called MOTIV.e equipped with a 25 kW electric engine, equipped with batteries of very low birth weight, which will allow range of 160 kilometers .

The Yamaha MOTIV in both versions will be produced in Europe, which is its main market, though the brand has not yet defined which will be the location of the factory. Its launch is raised to 2019 and it is unknown if also be offered in other market outside Europe.






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