The Yamaha Sports Ride would come to the market in 2017

The Yamaha Sport Ride would come to the production to 2017, equipped with a mechanical turbo 1.5-liter. But it will not be the only car Yamaha, because that will also produce the urban MOTIV.

yamaha-sports-ride-conceptFeu one of the surprises of the last Tokyo motor show and its arrival in production could become a reality from 2017. This is the Yamaha Sports Ride, a product that could seal the entrance definite of the japanese manufacturer of motorcycles to the world of automobiles.

of course Yamaha some time ago that is linked to the world of cars, with a past that includes the supply of engine plants to Formula 1 teams and partnerships with products such as the Lexus LFA, the Toyota 2000 GT and up to the Fiat 500. But however, the decision to produce the Sport Ride series, what would turn out to be a car manufacturer, although this would not be their only product.

Is that the Sport Ride will use the same cell developed in carbon fiber by Gordon Murray, which was seen in another prototype: the MOTIV, a small city car designed as rival to the Smart ForTwo. And just then, Yamaha has already announced its plans to production in Europe to this small vehicle, which will be accompanied by a second product, a sports coupe that will be based on the prototype Sport Ride exhibited in the japanese parlor.

For the moment, Yamaha has not provided detailed information, but we know that the sport will have a motor located in a central position, which we do not yet have their features, all within a body of 3900mm long, 1720mm wide and 1170mm in height with a weight of just 750 kilograms.

however, according to the point the australian Motoring it is believed that it would be using a turbo engine of 1.5 liter capacity and be sold to a price close to 47 thousand euros.