The years have not passed in vain: Koenigsegg shows its first prototype

Koenigsegg is already recognized worldwide as one of the most leading manufacturers of supercars company time. One of the most innovative companies, with an impressive regera an output of over 1,500 hp. But in the mid-90 was just another company trying to build niche supercars. 21 years have passed since the Koenigsegg CC was conceived , and 19 years since the first Christian von Koenigsegg supercar roll down their own. Now they teach us how was this prototype.

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Your tires were tires BBS with a custom center with the Koenigsegg shield.

The Koenigsegg CC began life almost like a kit car. His body was built in a synthetic resin 4.2 V8 engine came from Audi V8 Quattro of the time. It was an engine that was only about a third of the power of today Koenigsegg: had less than 400 hp. But it was located centrally on a chassis that had been the darling of the development process . Yet that distant CC is still like today Koenigsegg. Look at the shape of the windshield or on their doors.

that distant prototype was not always as you see on your screens. It began life as a silver convertible with conventional doors, the Swede Rickard Rydell took over driving presentation in a track day at the Anderstorp circuit. A track day that left the pilot impressed and surprised the audience at the Swedish supercar. Later, they settled vertical opening doors , and we had to cut some panels.

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The body was then repainted in black color. It was a car that is commonly used, it is usually modified, and its black color not stand well both goings. Christian then decided to paint it orange , and a tone associated with the mark since. However, it was a Volvo color code and was traveling, so he called his shop and ordered pintasen trust the car without seeing it. The result is a metallic brown car color images, rather than the one specified.

Christian took it as a lesson in business and ordered not repaint the car, the lesson to remember forever. Sometimes it is not appropriate to delegate some tasks. The car is currently located in Motala Motormuseum, about 200 km southwest of Stockholm . Koenigsegg has met with other iconic cars of the brand to a photographic and videographic session that should have news soon. For now, stay with these pictures so interesting.

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