The ying and the clonk


The current owners of the Formula 1 may extend a certificate of the symbolic duality of taoism in the figure, two situations are parallel, competing and with protagonists quasi-antagonistic in regard to their antipódicas positions.

When, in 2008, Vijay Mallya bought the depauperado team Spyker, formerly Midland, and previously Jordan, was more lost than a squid in the sales of January. Asked practical, such as in ports where docks his yacht ‘Indian Empress’, and with the approval of all, came to his rescue… McLaren. Not infrequently representatives of the team hindu walked the hundred kilometres between the headquarters of both teams so that the older brother help the younger almost ten years ago. Now, when you are going to meet that decade gives the feeling that the trip is almost necessary in the opposite direction.

If the rich of the people, the large and lustrous go of Cain, are the small, discrete, little vociferous Force India, that are painted pink are giving lessons of good to all.


Simon Roberts (Operations Director of McLaren), Vijay Mallya and Martin Whitmarsh (then head of McLaren F1) in the presentation of the agreement with Force India in 2008.

The Ying are shown by the painful for the team directed by Zak Brown, the worst start to a season in its entire history. Lining up two cars in the four races they have had the opportunity to win, climb up the podium, getting to the points, or to finish races on eight occasions. Needless to say, I have only succeeded in the latter in two, with six dropouts, and four consecutive in the particular account of Fernando Alonso.

in Front, the Yang, without titles, without just trophies, without making noise, without world champions on the payroll, with a seat miniscule compared to the rest, and with around half of the budget have managed to finish with its two cars in the first four tests of the calendar, and always with them in the points. Technically you have scored a 8 to 2 at the end of testing, and an 8 to 0 in raise points when the logical thing would have been just the opposite.

As a result, the plane is always visible cockpit, the few times fallible, the champion, the many times favorite asturian flying, has not yet seen the flag arlequinada, while the semirookie that ran a few races last year Esteban Ocon takes rebañados more points in four races (9) Haas, Renault, McLaren and Sauber by adding the effort of its two pilots. The contest of the French of Spanish origin is being book.


doesn’t get in trouble, classifies your car with dignity with regard to their limitations and always close to your partner, rarely your gap exceeds two-tenths, when others like Stroll or Vandoorne are often half a second or more. Ocon is winning to pulse the award of rookie (or postnovato) of the year and although Pascal Werhlein is starring in a debut alongside Sauber’s book, it is evident that when in Force India had to choose they were not wrong. Stephen comes from the along a single line of Mercedes, and its passage by the simulator at the end of last year, and the work with the engineers of the champion team paid dividends.

His nemesis, Alonso, experienced, reliable, fast and always effective not been able to have a start to the season more disheartening. the image of The asturian walking back to the pits with his car stuck in the antecurva prior to straight line finish in Sochi , as hard as an inspection of the Treasury in full christmas eve, is the visual proof of the terrible existential defeat by the passing of your figure. Obviously it is not your fault, but it is the reality that you have, and this could change.

With his “to see where we are each one in the coming year”, “I am free to choose” and all these phrases that every time you are chaining with less modesty is not about putting the poster of “sold”, but that “for the three days that are prior, I am a very owner of defecarme in the interior”. Already or is cut at the time of launch broadsides against their main contracting party and if the theme is repeated that no one will be surprised by a brusque remark more. Their messages by radio or in front of the cameras already can’t contain more frustration. His premature retirement, his move to other latitudes, or your step to god knows which other computer that probably can not win, do more to undermine a moral harder than the alcoyano but is as human as any.


ALO doesn’t deserve this. Neither McLaren. Honda either. Or the Formula 1 but it is what it is, so watching the terrible progression, with surprising and unexpected steps backward or no rescue, or what they would have to do the japanese is to retire with the little dignity that they remain intact and without chipping away, and come back when they are in a position. It seems unlikely that this will occur, or at least not after his announcement of motorization of Sauber. If, moreover, the gearboxes receive the swiss will source McLaren, everything indicates that the rumor of the change to Mercedes engines in 2018 of the latter, so far denied by both parties, it will not happen… but you never know.

If the future of Formula 1 is decided by reading faces, after seeing the champion in the box Russian after its abandonment, Chips I would say that “this makes the mat”, at least from his current team. That, or you see something that we don’t have to the view and will convince you to stay. Chances are where you will go; not so much if you are going to suffer or not, because of this there is no doubt. Sigh…