The Yogomo 330 is the Chinese clone of the Kia Picanto


The Kia Picanto was the product of a copy in China. This is the Yogomo 330 an electric vehicle that can travel up to 250 kilometers on one charge their lithium ions .


Yogomo-330 C ach both Chinese surprise us with some new product that mysteriously keeps an uncanny resemblance to a model of another brand. This time it was a Kia suffer cloning, since the Yogomo 330 is presented as an almost exact copy of the Kia Picanto.

This is a to Chinese manufacturer electric vehicle Yogomo marketed under the name 330 and uses a motor of 13 kW, equivalent to 17.6 horsepower powered by two both batteries lead acid as lithium ions , which allow you to scroll between 80 and 250 km, depending on the version.

His body measured 3.45 meters long , 1.50 wide and 1.48 meters high, while its wheelbase is 2.38 meters. This means it is just smaller than the product of Kia .

But nevertheless, despite its smaller size, body seems copied to the smallest detail in their ways, although the huge gaps between the panels that compose it, make it clear that it is The less a product of dubious origin.





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