The YZF-R1 is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Yamaha with a special decoration

The Yamaha YZF R1 is the quintessential Yamaha supersport and was completely renovated a few months ago. This machine is precise and sharp as a katana, with an explosive four-cylinder engine and a liter, capable of developing 200 hp, even leaving behind the barrier of 13,000 rpm. tetracilíndricos Wonders of bike, really. Yamaha celebrates its 60th anniversary at this moment, is to commemorate the anniversary to launch a Japanese special version of this YZF R1 with classic colors Yamaha Racing.

At the highest level in the world of two wheels

is a Yamaha YZF legal R1 for roads, not just one machine circuit.

We continue to see more and more two-wheeled machines with 200 horsepower , and I think we forget that 200 hp on a machine that usually weighs just 200 kilos is an outrage. Virtually any modern supercar is able to smell these beastly machines acceleration. The Yamaha YZF R1 weighs only 199 kilos in running order and has been used MotoGP technology in its development, with the goal of being the most effective supersport. Without going any further, the chassis is virtually identical to the Yamaha M1 competition.

yamaha-yzf-r1-60-aniversario-25 Its engine has also been developed with the experience gained in the premier class on two wheels. Also it advanced electronics, with a sophisticated traction control, anti-skid and anti-wheelie designed with maximum performance in mind circuit. In addition, standard features a telemetry system derived from M1 . In its special 60th anniversary edition, it uses the classic Yamaha Racing colors, white, yellow and black. A tribute in a spectacular combination.

yamaha-yzf-r1-60-aniversario-30 Although this color scheme was presented yesterday at the famous Bol d’Or, you can order Yamaha dealerships starting next December. The Yamaha YZF R1 starts at € 20,900 , so I’m afraid I have to pay more for this special version, especially considering that among other extras wearing a silent Akrapovic . Yamaha also took the occasion to announce a circulation of additional production of YZF -R1M a career-client version of the R1, oriented circuit.

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Yamaha YZF-R1 2015: a sharp and accurate katana 20,900 €

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