There are 7 figures behind the wheel, what’s yours?

Are you a wise guy? Careful, they can also be a, competitive teacher driver sometimes think you’re in a race, a vigilante, a philosopher, evasive, or fugitive who escapes from everything around and avoid creating frustrations screen protection around. Goodyear has partnered with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to work on a project to make different research to improve road safety. In this case, it was to develop a study to define the personalities of the drivers, in their relationship with other drivers . So that the results would have resulted in seven very specific personalities that one way or another will define you as a driver .

Will violent drivers, this subspecies that lives on our roads

In fact, if you allow me, I think these seven persons are a very successful conductor types that can be found on a road reflection. Except that a driver may well be reflected in one or more personalities, and that the influence of that personality enjoy varying degrees of involvement in her attitude at the wheel. That is, in the same way that a person may be shy or very shy, yet a little cocky, a driver can be a little wise guy and yet very philosopher.

In any case, let’s answer the following questions to classify us as drivers.


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  • 1. Professor . Need to make sure the other drivers know what they are doing wrong? Do you expect some recognition by sharing your wisdom? Maybe a teacher personality driver you are.
  • 2. Smarty . The end of the previous case goes if you think all those around you are incompetent, if you think other drivers drive fatal. Do you feel safe in your car to continually berating other drivers for their mistakes behind the wheel? Maybe you’re a wise guy.
  • 3. Competitive . Need always be ahead of the other cars? Are you unable to keep behind another vehicle? Have you ever accelerated – perhaps unconsciously – to prevent car adelantase you? If so, my friend, is likely to be a competitive driver. If you also answered yes to the last question I’ll tell you one thing, you are a real danger.
  • 4. The righteous . More than once we have spoken of “violent drivers.” People in the daily life can be beautiful people, but when they put a steering wheel in his hands become. And they go beyond berating other drivers attitude, insult, and sometimes they can get to get out of his vehicle to approach the driver with which they have suffered a mishap. Any time you have locked in a battle of insults with another driver? Maybe you’re a vigilante …
  • 5. The philosopher . Are you trying to find a rational explanation for the mistakes of other drivers? Is it hard to get upset or angry, what happens on the road and agree that other drivers can make a mistake? The last time that accionaste the horn of your car the Spanish football team had just won a European Championship? Congratulations, you’re likely to be a philosopher conductor. In my view, it is one of the most valuable personalities. First, because this driver is not angry very easily, nor enzarzará in discussions with other drivers. Second, instead of wasting your time with discussions, learn from the experience of those mistakes that are made daily on the road to be prevented over the next time it happens.
  • 6. The elusive . It could be defined as the driver just goes “to his ball.” Do you think other drivers is by nature a danger? Even with your ranting, do you keep relate in any way to other drivers?
  • 7. The Fugitive . And last but not least, the driver who is immersed in his own world. He who tries to isolate themselves from everything that happens around listening to music, talking on the phone, and so on. If you do not meet other drivers, you will not be frustrated.

personalidad-conductores-3 What other personalities behind the wheel identificarĂ­ais?

Personally I would like to add another type of driver who seems equally interesting. The solidarity driver , which oddly enough is one who is always helpful when a jam occurs to facilitate the incorporation of a drive into the lane, and that somehow behaves like a sensitive and caring person the wheel. Which to some extent would fit with the philosopher conductor. I am also very much in favor of grateful drivers, those who give thanks, timidly raising his hand when another driver waits to let him out of a car, gave him the right of way on a road congested by traffic, and so forth.

And you, what personality you as a driver?

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Source: Goodyear | London School of Economics and Political Science
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Will violent drivers, this subspecies that lives on our roads

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