There are already official price in Spain for the Infiniti Q30


elegant Design and very japanese that wants to succeed in Europe

taking Advantage of the return of the summer vacation, Infiniti unveiled its first compact for the european market, the Infiniti Q30. It has been especially designed for the old continent, and is the first to be manufactured here. Now comes their retail price for Spain, which start at 24.900 euros, reaching 42.900 to the most equipped and powerful.

The Q30 brings many new features with it. Is the model you really have to make the jump to premium. Infiniti has employed a large number of components Mercedes, which have contributed to your own style. It is not surprising that with such mixed-half German, half japanese, the Infiniti Q30 has been raised with our award for best compact 2015.

there Will be four trim levels, as I discussed in the proof of the Infiniti Q30, the basic, Premium, Premium Tech and Sport. From that basic finishing we found a high amount of technology and gadgets, driving assistance, and can reach a top equipment where you do not we will miss nothing.


The interior exudes high quality and good finishes

quality is the tonic dominant of any Infiniti, but more if we talk about the compact, something that will be extensible to your version slightly elevated, the Infiniti QX30 the still unknown price of sale. On all sides find materials well-chosen and well-presented, with a pleasant feeling of comfort and durability.

In the mechanical part we discover a variety of engines of origin Renault as Nissan. In the lower part of the ladder of power we find the block French 1.5 diesel with 109 HP. On the other side of the scale we find the block 2.0 turbo petrol with a total of 211 HP, although this will always be associated to an automatic and all-wheel drive.

And is routinely the Q30 will come with simple traction, the front axle, and with manual change of six speeds. A transmission nice touch primarily intended to lower consumption. However, Mercedes has brought the shift DCT seven-speed transmission, which can be selected with all the variants mechanical existing. Finally, the awd will only be available for more powerful engines, both diesel and gasoline.


versions Sport have an aesthetic finish different, more sporty

Price Infiniti Q30

Taking into account all of the above, the Infiniti Q30, which can already be purchased in the official dealer of the brand, will have a starting price extremely attractive. All of the prices now we highlight include the necessary taxes, registration and transport. It is expected that the first units arriving to the street at the end of January.

  • Infiniti Q30 1.6 t – 24.900 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.5 d – 26.700 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.6 t PREMIUM – 28.600 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.5 d PREMIUM – 28.600 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.5 d PREMIUM 7DCT – 30.800 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.5 d SPORT – 31.700 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 1.6 t PREMIUM 7DCT – 33.100 €
  • Infiniti Q30 1.5 d PREMIUM TECH – 33.200 €
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d PREMIUM 7DCT – 33.900 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d PREMIUM 7DCT (AWD) – 36.150 €
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d SPORT 7DCT – 37,200 persons €
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d PREMIUM TECH 7DCT – 38.600 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d SPORT 7DCT (AWD) – 39.500 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 2.2 d PREMIUM TECH 7DCT (AWD) – 40.900 euros
  • Infiniti Q30 2.0 t SPORT 7DCT (AWD) – 42.900 euros


If we compare it with the A-Class, the Q30 is on average 3,000 euros more expensive than the corresponding model