There are even more Mercedes-AMG GT to come: what power? do with awd? what even more radical?

Mercedes has taken a step beyond the Mercedes-AMG GT, giving life to the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Lightened, with better aerodynamics, more powerful, with a new tune… and no, it does not come alone, it brings with it good news: there will be even more versions of the successor to the gullwing and that is to tackle the myth of Porsche, the Porsche 911, it is necessary to draw all the artillery.

Tobias Moers, the head of the division of sports Mercedes, AMG, has been in charge of warn us of the arrival of more derivative models of the Mercedes-AMG GT, although it has not specified which will be these new alternatives.

What a version even more powerful?What about a convertible?What about an electric?

we Must take into account the variety offered by its main competitor, the Porsche 911, with a range in that there are versions with all-wheel drive; convertible, coupe and targas; the duality between GT3 and Turbo…

For now, remember that the range of the Mercedes-AMG GT goes through a version of access 462 horses, with a starting price of 145.508 euros, a version of 510 horses and the new AMG GT R 585 horses.