There comes the concept Lexus F & F SPORT Corner to Madrid

Lexus F & F SPORT Corner

The concept Lexus F & F SPORT Corner makes its debut in Europe in the Spanish capital.

If you are a faithful follower of the range sports Lexus, you now have a new space for you. And is the facilities of Lexus located in Madrid (more specifically in the Avenida de Burgos in the north of the capital) premiered a new concept, pioneered in Europe, focused exclusively on this, the range more sporty Lexus. Under the name of Lexus F & F SPORT Corner, the premium brand puts at our disposal a space focused on this type of models.

A place in which the lovers of the versions F and F Sport Lexus will be able to enjoy an exclusive and personalized on the models with greater character and personality of the brand. This is a concept totally comprehensive in addition to expose the way static models that make up the range sport Lexus will also present a specific personnel both commercial and technical so-called “F Genius”.

That staff has previously received extensive theoretical training as well as sporty driving at circuit on models F Lexus to be able to go so certain. Another detail to keep in mind is that in these facilities of the Lexus in which we can enjoy this new concept, is that they have a exclusive parking and preferred vehicles of the range F. Identified and booked. In addition, we also provide evidence for the range F of Lexus.

And on the other hand, we also find items exclusive to configure the models in the range F across different tablets with which to enjoy an interactive experience. To do this we add an exhibitor of merchandising inspired in the Boutique Lexus Intersect, that we find both in Tokyo and in Dubai.

What models you will find in the space Lexus F & F SPORT Corner?

For a party we will have the vehicles, F, which to this day are the following: Lexus RC F and GS F. While on the other hand, the versions F Sport that will be available to the delight of those who there approach will be the following models: Lexus CT F Sport, IS F Sport, LS F Sport, RC F Sport, NX F Sport, and RX F Sport. As you can see, in this last case, it will be available the whole range of vehicles Lexus.