There could be No better tribute: curve María de Villota in the Jarama (video)

If you enjoy racing cars will surely think that the Circuit of the Jarama) and Maria de Villota are two players that have helped, much, to speed runs in Spain. As you well know, in this year 2017 are true nothing less than 50 years of the inauguration the mythical route in madrid, which was the first speed circuit permanent of our country.

The Jarama has seen riders from all over the world rolled to the bottom in search of the glory. In fact, in this track there have been several great awards World Championship of Motorcycle racing and even Formula 1. And is that half a century of history to do much. But, why mix to Maria de Villota with the half-century history of the Circuit of Jarama? Soon you’ll understand (and you’ll be glad).

In the year 2012 the pilot Spanish suffered a and serious accidents at the wheel of a Marussia in the United Kingdom, during a test. Fortunately, Maria de Villota survived the impact although with several sequels. After a surprisingly rapid recovery, Mary wrote a book telling us how it had changed his life that fateful accident and, on the other hand, he held the always important road safety courses. Unfortunately, the 11 October 2013, we despertábams with the sad news of the sudden death of Mary.

The world of motor racing in particular and the sport in general was fully saddened. Mary was a very dear person in the motor industry for its constant struggle in a sport in which there are very few women, but also for his inexhaustible sympathy (as have those who knew her closely). Do you not remember always in the interviews, both before and after his accident, with a smile indelible?

The case is that last Tuesday, during the celebration dinner of half a century of history of the circuit in madrid, projected a video (the same that we see just above this paragraph) in which it reviewed the history of the path as well as the names and why each one of the curves that we find in his 3.850 meters of length. When you get to the description of the last curve, known until now as “the curve of the tunnel”, the RACE announced that it was going to be called formally as curve María de Villota. Hard to have chosen a tribute to best for Mary since, in addition, this last curve was his favorite.

Her father, Emilio de Villota, stated that: “To Mary I would have loved to see their name among so many riders as legendary and that both have given to the world engine. For her, in addition, this was the curve is more important in the Circuit of Jarama, as that is the one that allows you to enter faster in the straight line and reach the highest top speed of all the plotting, something that is what it gets to win races.”

The Circuit of Jarama begins in just two weeks, the the second stage of your remodeling project “Jarama 2021”. In this second phase will transform the whole area of the press and is joined with the control tower, updated in the first stage. Also extend the grandstand start / finish straight will be renovated the first pit. We don’t see possibilities of which the first permanent circuit in Spain to see running of the Championship of MotoGP or F1, but will continue to develop a multitude of events, activities and competitions on this mythical track. certain that Mary, from wherever you are, you will not lose not one.

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