There is already date: the BMW 5 Series, 2017 will be presented at the Detroit motor show


The new BMW 5-Series is as close as ever to see the light We have spent many months following the track of the BMW 5 Series, 2017. We have seen it throughout its development phase in a multitude of locations and forms. A new generation, called the G30 is to the fall and today, thanks to BMWBlog, we know the where and the when will take place such an act: at the Detroit motor show, early next month of January.

All reports suggested that it would be in the Paris Salon of the next month of October, the place chosen by BMW to present in society the new generation of the 5 Series. However the important plans that the German brand has for the american market pass by that is the united States the first country to receive your visit.

The sample of Detroit will be held on the month of January, between 8 and 22. it Is assumed that a few days before BMW will present through the Internet, the generation G30 of the BMW 5-Series, as well as your very important developments, which as we have already been progressing over the last few months will be wide and prominent.


The variant family will arrive at the same time that the saloon

a short time Ago we could see a shot to all the new family of the 5-Series. Photos spies we confirm that the design will vary, but not as much as you might expect. The German firm has given the key of the design and although changes are to be introduced will continue, recognizing the figure of the sedan easily.

aside from the aesthetic issue, I already gave a preview of how it would be the new BMW M5, it is worth highlighting a number of innovations that will make this generation more advanced, and technology that we’ve seen of the sedan of BMW. A required update so you can beat face-to-face with his maximum rival, the Mercedes Class E.

Among the novelties it is worth mentioning a new and renewed range of engines, including hybrid versions and hybrid plug-in with ability of charging by induction. In the section technology the 5 Series will have more than 7 Series of 3 Series, as it will include the latest developments of the brand, and some more, as augmented reality and driving autonomous.


The GT will also receive the substantial developments of the generation G30 Series 5

With this background it is not surprising that we are willing to the arrival of the new generation of the 5 Series. Still we will have to wait a few months to view the article, more than we thought in the beginning. Taking this into account, the commercial stage will start in the first half of next year.