There is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage more radical in the way, an Aston Martin WG8, lightened, end

has Not yet passed a month since the launch of the new Aston Martin DB11, presented on the occasion of the Geneva 2016 and in the british firm already heated engines before the start of the long of a new sport model, more radical, more specialized in their use in circuit, on trackdays. There is a new Aston Martin V8 Vantage even more savage on the way, the Aston Martin WG8 is on the way.

This Aston Martin WG8 would follow the steps of the GT12 (remember that initially presented as GT3)… but of course, with a V8 under the hood:

From to us comes the warning. We reached a first step, a first approximation in the form of a sketch. A sketch in which it is clear his vocation sports, even more sports. That rear wing gives you away.

As he reveals that front splitter, those side skirts, the rear diffuser…

Yes, it seems that we are faced with the concept of the Aston Martin GT12… now with a V8 under the hood.

New aerodynamic appendages, a version enhanced of the mechanical V8 already known, carbon fiber here, a new exhaust system and beyond, new components in its cycle… all to give life to the alternative british the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

we Hope impatient… as we expect their number not to be unduly limited as to convert it into an instant object “shelf” with which to give free rein to speculation.