There is hope, the Opel GT production is not ruled out yet

Opel GT 2016 Concept

During the last Geneva motor show we were able to see the Opel GT Concept, a prototype that anticipated a possible lightweight sports. What is certain is that it is stuck to an exercise of design, a conceptual model that introduced many innovations. But, who doesn’t like that came to production? Although Opel of time does not confirm nor denies anything about this model, what is certain is that it is something that you are considering quite seriously.

The same Karl-Thomas Neumann, president of the brand, has made some interesting statements recently. β€œIt is a car that we all love, and that the public loves, so that really want it. The question is, what could be the right approach, so we are studying the different directions that we could follow.” One of the main complications would be the platform to choose.

Opel GT Concept 2016

The only way in which it conceives of an Opel GT in production is accompanied by the rear-wheel-drive. Currently the German mark does not have any platform with these features, so that the problems begin. If they develop a new platform for this model would be cost-effective and not interested. Another option being considered is to take any of the subsidiaries of General Motors.

speaking of that may resort to SAIC, the chinese partner of GM, which currently owns MG. In any case, Neumann believes that has a period of two years to make the decision, before the model loses its appeal. The Opel GT Concept weighs less than 1,000 kg and has an engine 1.0 turbo three-cylinder with a power of 145 horses and 205 Nm of torque. We’ll see if in the future comes to our roads.

Source – Coach