There is life beyond Top Gear: Clarkson, May and Hammond, are already rolling back


The skull trio is back on the ball. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are now together again to start filming his new television venture , this time under the aegis of service of video-on-demand Amazon Prime. The former Top Gear presenters this year signed a millionaire agreement to create a new TV, mood, and cars, many cars, which will be released next year. And judging by their mounts a laferrari a McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, the thing promised.

The former presenters of Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond and May, will be together again rolling program engine (which some say will be called Gear Knobs) to be broadcast in 2016. Amazon Prime

The photograph, published by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in their twitter channel , reveals that were preparing this test at the Autodromo Internacional Algarve in Portugal.

James May also published its own photo inside the box, the newly LaFerrari parked outside.

With a skeleton crew, filming for Amazon Prime’s new motoring Programme Has Begun.

– Jeremy Clarkson (JeremyClarkson) October 7, 2015

Great first day at work. I can not stop staring.

– James May (MrJamesMay) October 7, 2015

The band is back together and it feels brilliant.

– Richard Hammond (RichardHammond) October 7, 2015

still do not know that name you will receive this program, which have already targeted some media ( would be to Gear Knobs. What we do know is that the buzz created over the past weeks, and generate still waiting for its release next year, predict its success.

Meanwhile, in Top Gear, and BBC , life goes on. Chris Evans, the new presenter of Top Gear, confirmed these days resort to a new format that will break with the leadership divided between three hosts who would know so far. Evans will be the keynote speaker, giving way to the exploits and stories of their peers (Top Gear).

A battle is looming sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinteresting. The Top Gear against the artists formerly known as Top Gear. With which viewers will be left?

In motor:

Jeremy Clarkson, signing of the year: charge 13 million per season on Amazon (and almost joining Apple)

It’s official! The skull trio Top Gear will hand screens Amazon in 2016

What car goodbye forever Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear circuit?

Top Gear already has its new presenter Chris Evans is the new “Jeremy Clarkson”

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