There is No going back and it’s official: Aston Martin will have a crossover

do You remember the Aston Martin DBX, the prototype of the coupé-SUV presented a year ago at the Geneva motor show? You have to know that it was something more than a balloon catheter. In the past few months Aston Martin has shown no-holds-your interest in a product launch of cutting SUV, in his words a crossover. And today we can disclose that it has taken an important step toward that launch, which will arrive by 2020. Aston Martin confirms that there will be crossover, and that will be one of the keys to its growth by 2020.

The first crossover Aston Martin will be in 2020, and will be built in the new factory of St. Athan (Wales).

And how will be the crossover Aston Martin?

For the moment we know very little about it. All we have is a prototype, the Aston Martin DBX, which is presented as a coupé with suspensions elevated, and rugged aspect. Away therefore of the image of a large SUV models such as the Porsche Cayenne or the Bentley Bentayga.

According to Aston Martin, the main objective of this model will be in markets such as China and the united States. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of the production that is planned – with a volume of up to 7,000 units each year by 2020 – is intended for other markets, beyond the United Kingdom.


  • In the past few months Aston Martin has been looking for a new location in which to produce this new model. It proposed different european countries, and even united States, which was not necessarily a bad idea to tenor of the interest that this model could arouse the other side of the Atlantic. According to Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, we studied 20 different locations.

    Finally, the new crossover Aston Martin will be produced in Wales, in the town of St. Athan. Along to Gaydon, will become the second factory of Aston Martin. And along with the reform plans of Gaydon will involve the recruitment of 1,000 new jobs and investment of £ 200 million.

    The construction of this new factory will begin next year, to start the production at full capacity in 2020.

    Source: Aston Martin
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