There is still hope, Mazda could return to work with sport versions

mazda-3-mps (1)During this year there have been many rumors that have reached us of the japanese company. The last end up with any hope on Mazda and their versions sports. It seemed that the asian brand had closed this chapter, and for a few long years, would not those spectacular variants MPS. Just a few weeks to close out the year we do get the news that you reopen the discussion, as for Mazda this chapter of which we speak is not closed with a key.

co Carbuzz have had the opportunity to chat with Robert Davis, vice president of Mazda North America, who has declared that the media gave bring this topic before the own brand to do so. This means that the japanese company has not yet decided what to do with this matter, and not giving still terminate the option to bring back the market a variant MPS.

Mazda 3 MPSThe own Davis has confirmed that the brand is considering important to have in the range sport versions, and that despite the fact that from the moment they are not prepared to speak on this topic, the company continues to taking them into account. In the same statements Robert Davis made reference to the German brands and to their high performance versions, giving importance to this fact and to take care of the quality of their cars.

it is Still early to confirm anything, and that is that we know that getting a new MPS version would within a few years. For the moment, Mazda is focused on other projects and their versions sports and we have to wait.

Source – Carbuzz