There is that achatarrar more cars to reduce the age of our park

Achatarrar parque español

Spain is one of the European countries with the fleet of cars older. According to the experts, for the year 2020, 65 percent of the cars circulating in our country will have more than ten years. This figure is alarming because, whether by way of security (still better than that of ten years ago) as for pollution, we are talking about a serious problem for our cities and roads.

According to the Federation of Associations of Dealers of the Automotive sector (Faconauto) slow down the aging of the park Spanish. If this were achieved it would reduce the traffic accidents and pollution emissions. In addition, it will enhance the economy of the country as it sold more vehicles in the coffers of the state recaudarían more money in taxes.

Achatarrar parque español 1

The idea proposed Faconauto is that by the government of the country put into operation a new plan for achatarrar older vehicles. In addition, from the employer’s dealers, also ask that it is not a plan with an expiry date, so would only function to give low to a small part of the fleet of Spanish.

This problem arises with the stagnation that are suffering, sales of cars in the channel of the particular. The old Plan PIVE was very important as the families that they needed to change of car had a money for their vehicle and released them to the dealers to load with the repurchase of the vehicle. With its completion, it seemed that the market would continue with its trend, however, it seems that it will not be so and is a matter of time that the enrolment suffer a setback in the face of uncertainty that live in Spanish families.

While the country’s government decides to act or not, since Faconauto has pointed out that the automotive sector brings to the coffers of the state almost 10 percent of their income. Therefore expect that harm is not taking their demands to transform to one of the most important economic sectors of the country.

Source – Faconauto