There was once a Porsche 911 Turbo 800 hp 911 GT3 believed

we do not think of Poland as a place where preparations abound very high performance, but we were wrong. Poland is where it comes from one of the best I’ve seen lately preparations based on the Porsche 911. The machine of these images is not a Porsche 911 GT3 , is really a Porsche 997 Turbo before the facelift, which addicted to the high performance of Polish origin has become a great mix of both cars. A mixture of exquisite embodiment with 800 horsepower .

The torque is higher than 1000 Nm, power over 800 hp. Glups.

Karol owns the Porsche 911. It was the owner of a 911 GT2 prepared by 9ff, but wanted a more controllable machine. All-wheel drive and manual transmission were essential, therefore he chose a 911 997 Turbo series, equipped with robustísima box Getrag six relations changes . He would not leave the engine series, which worked with several specialists Warsaw as ECU Performance Garage or Street Shadows. Turbos HKS high performance active-controlled boost pressure were some of the first modification.

A new exhaust and new admissions were as follows, but the real feat is Karol new cooling . The 997 Turbo have two intercoolers located behind the rear bumper, but can not seem to dissipate all the heat of the car in extreme circumstances, such as driving circuit with high heat. Therefore, Karol filled radiators installed two An antifreeze instead, with air intakes channeled from the front of the car. A more efficient system, professional installation.

The budget amendments Karol has exceeded 90,000 euros, excluding the car.

The result is a temperature for a 800 hp engine that really need this extra cooling much lower. With this modification, he could install the rear bumper 911 GT3 , and in fact set up his body in full. That is why This really looks like a 911 Turbo 911 GT3 from outside . A 911 GT3 turbocharged all-wheel drive and a pump under the hood. Your tires BBS were purchased from the same supplier Manley Motorsport – Team GT Porsche -. And semi-slick shod with Pirelli

The braking equipment has also been updated, with the material Brembo discs up to 380 mm in diameter on the front axle. The clutch is also new, high-strength component manufactured by Sachs. Fortunately, he did not need to touch the gearbox, designed to support almost 1,200 Nm of torque. The active suspension PASM Porsche remains standard, and remains fully functional. Inside the car, it has opted for a mix of details and Turbo GT3 .

Only the crankshaft drive remains standard. The entire engine has been modified.

The carbon fiber seats and inserts this expensive material are sourced GT3 , but the other components maintains luxury air with a dark brown leather equipped the 911 Turbo series. A stylish look that meets the impeccable dark side of his body. This 911 focused on the dynamic purity is one of the best preparations I’ve seen in a long time. There is more to see their performances to highlight their tremendous power.

The 0-100 km / h is unknown, but makes the 100-200 km / h in 4.3 seconds , half a second faster than a Bugatti Veyron. Its top speed is not known, but its owner is estimated that close to 350 km / h.

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