There will be a GP of the united States thanks to Taylor Swift

GP de AustinThe world of F1 2016 is presented as the most long history, with 21 Great Prizes, but the GP of the united States was in doubt and it has been rumored a lot to do with her fall from the calendar if no agreement could be reached. The problem that the circuit was of funding, after the government that had pledged to inject some money to get started is to take back avoiding to put some million.

the organizers of The GP of Austin were looking for some alternative source financing to be able to continue to hold this race, and is that his popularity has not been as expected, especially after the GP of Mexico, which was so successful last year, a circuit that is geographically very close to the Austin (Texas), and he took centre stage. Now it will keep the appointment in the calendar of 2016, being the longest season in the history…

GP de Austin, cartel Taylor Swift

Poster special performance of Taylor Swift at the GP of Austin

who should be? Well, we can give thanks to the mega pop star Taylor Swift, the singer will do a show after the classification, which will help to attract the masses to the circuit. That has been the solution of the DIMENSION, with a very good strategy for this sport less popular in the united States is to know more. Already we have published posters for the event and it seems that the social networks will also have much to say for this promotion…

Taylor Swift is also big in social networks, a method of propaganda and dissemination extremely effective in our days. If sumásemos the segudires Twitter Lewis Hamilton (3.2 M), with Fernando Alonso (2.4 M), with those of the official account of the F1 (1.9 M) and the Ferrari (1.2 M), it still would lack some 66 million followers more to equalize to that of the famous singer, giving it a power of convocation unprecedented that will cause the filling of the GP is ensured.