There will be a MINI 100% electric 2019

In 2019 will arrive in a MINI Electric, a derivative of the MINI hatchback with three doors. Then you will continue to a BMW X3 power, in addition to iNext, the first autonomous vehicle from BMW.

BMW has already planned the a strategy of electrification of its range of models, which will include a MINI 100% electric, which will hit the market in 2019.

however, if you still dream of the MINI Rocketman concept car that had proportions closest to the classic Mini, you’ll have to continue waiting, since it MINI electric will not be a new model, but on the contrary, is a variant of the current MINI Cooper three door.

The car will be produced at the plant Oxford in the Uk, against the pressures of the analysts after the Brexit, though the engine plants will come from the centre e-mobility that BMW has mounted in Bavaria.

The BMW Group will develop new modular platforms that allow to accommodate both combustion engines, such as plug-in hybrids and 100% electric.

The German firm expects the electrical models representing between 15 and 25% of its sales in a period of eight years. Of all modes have to be taken into consideration that sales will reach these forecasts if you can expand the charging infrastructure and the tax incentives in certain markets two elements that play a crucial role in this offensive of the German firm.

But the MINI 100% electric will not be alone, for a year before you will arrive the i8 Roadster, while later on, they will continue to an alternative fully-electric X3 and iNext, which will be transformed into the first autonomous car of the BMW, which is due to arrive on the market in 2021.