There will be a new Mercedes S-Class four-door Coupé in 2020, does it return the name 'SEC'?


Current Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe, the S-Class Coupé with V12 engine and sportiness AMG

Think about a large saloon representation, and probably one of the first models that come to mind is the Mercedes-Benz a-Class S. for Decade after decade and generation after generation, the S-Class has outdone itself, raising the levels in terms of luxury, quality, technology or safety, premiering many innovations that later would come to other models more affordable.

In recent times, the family S-Class has been enriched with new additions, and adjacent to, the saloon four-door is marketed in the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet or limousines Pullman, so without out of the higher range there are versions for all tastes. The current generation will be a few more years to the sale, and in fact your restyling is already in place.


Mercedes S-Class 2017: the restyling for the current S-Class will arrive in the coming months

The Mercedes S-Class 2017 will arrive in the last months of this year or beginning of next: that is to say, we’ll meet in the Paris Salon 2016 or as in Geneva 2017. As you say, it will be a ‘restyling’ of the current model, and the new generation of the S-Class will come to the end of 2020. Still takes a few years to do this, but we can tell you that this new generation will be premiering an unreleased version: four-door coupé.

This S-Class four-door coupé will be really a point intermediate between the sedan and the coupe: you can expect a fall of their roof in the style of a coupe in their rear, with more dynamic styling than the sedan, while still maintaining the four doors and all its functionality to access the two-seater later. What will be referred to this model as the Mercedes CLS, with a CLE -based on the E – Class below?


Mercedes 560 SEC C126 (1980). Image: Dawidl – Wikimedia Commons

According to the british magazine CAR Magazine, the name Mercedes SEC could be recovered from oblivion to give way to this new version of the S-Class that will be situated above the CLS is already known. In the decade of the eighties, the Mercedes C126 Coupe, has adopted precisely this appellation, with versions like the Mercedes 420 SEC, 500 SEC or 560 SEC, all of them with large V8 engines atmospheric.

Surprised a little the rescue of this name, every time that Mercedes-Benz has simplified its names for its SUVS under the prefix GL -, and the own thing with their coupes, four-doors as CL-. The problem is that there is already a Mercedes CLS, which is actually based on the E-Class, so that if this family did not it is renamed as Mercedes CLE has to find another designation for the S-Class four-door coupé.

In any case, and beyond the dilemma of his name, with the future S-Class W223 come a new Mercedes SEC and beyond by 2020 or the beginning of 2021: shall have the corresponding version AMG, V8, V12 and plug-in hybrid and the most stunning technology and luxury onboard.