There will be a new Nissan Juke-R Nismo. It will debut at Goodwood


Nissan announced the arrival of a new edition of Nismo Juke-R, will have its world premiere at the next Goodwood Speed ​​Festival of, from July 25. [1.99901 million]


Nissan Juke R Nismo (Teaser) T ime ago Nissan surprised everyone with radical variant Juke equipped with power plant and transmission Nissan GT-3 . Of course it was a limited edition of just a few units were placed in the hands of a few select customers, but surely there must be helped boost sales of conventional model .

On July 25 will debut the new Nissan Juke-R Nismo at Goodwood. [1.99901 million]

Taking advantage of updating the Juke, Nissan announced that under the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​, will be presenting a new version of Nissan Juke-R Nismo , which still They have not released details, beyond indicating that it is a product that will be equipped with all the Nismo technology and have nothing to envy the supercars. [1.99901 million]

In its previous generation, Juke-R Nismo had a completely sporty look and hide under its hood to bi-turbo V6 engine block of the Nissan GT-R, with a power of 545 horsepower . Aesthetically, the little that can be seen in the first official photograph, the model will have a new front bumper, which can be seen in the huge air intakes.

For full details will have to wait until next July 25, the date set for his debut Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​. [1.99901 million]




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