There will be a new Tesla Roadster and it will arrive in 2019

Tesla Roadster render

Recreation of the Tesla Roadster 2019

Tesla lately has been very busy with the launch of the Tesla Model 3. This new and affordable electricity is becoming a best-selling, and it will force the brand to increase its production to meet such a demand. Despite all this mess, it seems that they still have time to think about future models. The mark Palo Alto’s apparently already working on a new generation of Tesla Roadster that would go to 2019.

The new model would replace the vehicle with which it all began, the first in history of Tesla. The convertible sports took as the basis of the Lotus Elise and stood out for its reduced weight and high-performance of its electric motor. His successor would be “a little bit different, a little faster and a little bigger” according to Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, manager of the mark in Sweden, in a statement.

Tesla Roadster batería

the First generation of the Tesla Roadster

For the new Tesla Roadster 2019 would be used another different platform, specifically the Model 3, which share some elements. Although it seems that there will not be many new about the new model coming soon, since last summer, the brand launched an update with a new battery pack for its roadster. This current Roadster 3.0 still selling in some markets.

Though still there are few data that we know about the next generation of the Tesla Roadster, it looks good. A body larger and attractive that would be in addition to a developed electric motor, which turned him into a sports prestacional. As advancement, Elon Musk, said she would take the mode “Maximum Plaid” (making reference to the movie Spaceballs), and more radical than the current Ludicrous Mode.

Source – Electrek / Image – Theopilus Chin