There will be a rival to the Toyota GT86 from Nissan

nissan-idx-concept (1)In 2013 Nissan took advantage of the Lounge of Tokyo to present two concepts are very attractive, the IDX Freeflow and the IDx Nismo. With an image of years past and a nature of propulsion seemed to announce that the japanese brand was going to enter fully into the segment light sport rear-wheel-drive. Fast, as it could not be of another way, it came to mind the Toyota GT86, and a fight in this market the most interesting. Although this will not happen, and that is that the japanese brand has stated categorically that do not launch a model with these characteristics.

In this way, we say goodbye to rival the GT86, and a new reason to believe that it never died those sports before. And is that the reasons put on the table the company’s asian, but we don’t want to see them, they are more than reasonable. Manufacture a car with these premises need of a new platform and, hence, an investment should not be underestimated. Putting it on the market there would bring important benefits to the brand, so that there would be a justification as to put it in place.

nissan-idx-concept (2)So, absolutely, we say goodbye to the new sporty lightweight, compact and affordable that could get in modern times but eventually it came from Nissan. Really the brand image is well represented by the 370Z and the GT-R, so on second thought coldly do not need a new sport. Two models which, by the way, have no expiration date, according to the same Shiro Nakamura, who has said that these two products will be in the range of “forever”.

If any it occurs to her that Nissan could take advantage of the platform that will give life to the new Alpine mr. Nakamura has a different answer undisputed, and is that in the face of this question has responded that “Nissan is not a manufacturer of motor vehicles central”.

Source – Autoexpress