There will be a version Grand Sport the Bugatti Chiron, and will not be cheap

it Is one of the cars more of a stir is rising, and that’s still not what we have seen as a whole. The Bugatti Chiron is called to be the most important development of the coming year, and beyond if we. A lot of it is the information that emerges about him, and the latest is that there will be a body convertible in the style of the Grand Sport.


This is one of the few photos circulating on the Bugatti Chiron bodywork final

The truth is that the idea is nothing crazy. We already saw it in the Veyron. However, on this occasion, and according to the Telegraaf, the Chiron would be provided with a detachable roof in two pieces of carbon that will leave an arch in the shape T. Something that we have spent a lot of time watching other sports, though never in a Bugatti.

With this solution, engineers would not lose any torsional rigidity, in addition to not include the always annoying reinforcement bars that we see on all the convertibles. A design exercise, bound to the future performance of this hiperdeportivo hybrid. It is estimated that its power can reach to 1,500 horses and that their time of acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h will be just 2.3 seconds. Outrageous numbers.

Although these are not the only ones, since they begin to emerge the first rumors about sales data. First of all, once more Bugatti only built 500 units, like the Veyron, of which it is estimated that about 120 are already reserved. Taking into account that the Chiron will be manufactured virtually by hand, the waiting time to receive one is now in the 24 months.


Although in a much less exaggerated, the Chiron will show that face

This time will lengthen as they accumulate orders. That is to say that if you ask for it now, paying for a reservation of 200,000 euros, your unit would not arrive before 2017. That initial payment would have to add a second deposit of € 900,000 and a final payment of more than a million euros. All this without VAT, so the final price could be around three million.