There will be compensation for the engine Volkswagen in Europe


there Will be compensation for the scandal Volkswagen in Europe

Finally, if will be no compensation for european customers affected by the scandal Volkswagen. After a long time of uncertainty with the scales always point towards the not, in Europe there will also be a compensation for owners of vehicles that mount TDI affected by the software that manipulated the indexes of emissions.

Matthias Müller, current CEO of Volkswagen, before the question about if you have intended to compensate for any loss of value of the TDI in Europe answered:We are preparing the package most suitable for each of our markets, for each country, the matter is under consideration. ” … ” We intend to compensation, compensation if it turns out that there has been a decline in the residual value of the car.

this confirms the financial compensation to the depreciation of the value of the vehicle with the TDI motor due to the scandal of emissions, however it is not clear how that is to take place or the amount. Up to the time this action was only confirmed in the united States and Canada, where customers are compensated with $ 1,000 of which 500 correspond to a card to spend at a dealership or workshop of the VAG Group and other 500 $ to spend on what they please.

The source also took the opportunity to speak with Müller about the possible negative effects following the performances on engines TDI to comply with the emission standard. There were always doubts about whether to for that engines comply with the environmental regulations would result in lost power and increases fuel consumption. “The technical solutions that we will offer in 2016 will not have a detrimental effect on the performance or consumption of the car, our cars will remain the same, if by chance you see an impact, would be totally negligible and transparent to our customers “.