There will be electric racing in the Rallycross from 2018

BarcerlonaRX 2016 rallycross Red Bull Global Rallycross, also known simply as Rallycross, is one of the championship’s most spectacular that we can find. Recently passed by Barcerlona leaving striking images and a lot of noise, although this could change from 2018. The organization has announced the intention of creating a new class consisting of electric vehicles that would begin that year.

is Not going to change the philosophy of the competition, as it will continue to exist class Supercar and GRC Lites. The electric would come to the Rallycross for the first time thanks to the current trend of to develop this type of alternative propulsion. Many brands are developing this type of vehicle and there have seen an opportunity to expand the competition, in the style of what has happened to Formula E.

BarcerlonaRX 2016 rallycrossColin Dyne, CEO of Red Bull Global Rallycross, said, “this class electric will add a new dynamic that is never going to replace the current formula, but that will be an important part of our expansion.” The current formula that makes reference is packed by the turbocharged engines and a lot of power, close to 600 HP. The Supercars are capable of accelerating of 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds, the faster a Formula 1.

The case is that the electric will come to the Rallycross in 2018 could have an acceleration similar to, although of course much more quiet. It is expected that also has a propellant common as with the rest of the classes today. There are four manufacturers associated with to the competition: Ford, Subaru, Honda and Volkswagen; who knows if in 2018 will change things and we will see new brands.

Source – Red Bull Global Rallycross