There will be Ford Mustang, F-150 and Transit hybrid for the year 2020

Ford Mustang

One of the principal objectives of Ford of here up to the year 2020 was the electrify your entire range. Announced that would come up to 13 hybrid and electric models, and begin the confirmations official. Its production will take place in the factory in Flat Rock (Michigan), where lies an investment of 673 million dollars during the next four years and where it will create up to 700 new jobs.

But let’s talk about some of the models that will arrive in the next few years. The more interesting and surprising is a Ford Mustang hybrid that will be ready for 2020. Many people think that it is a heresy that one of the muscle car most admired to give in to this type of propulsion. The brand says that will have the power of a V8 and even more torque. Will debut in north America and later could reach Europe.

Ford F-150 V6 EcoBoost

Other than what has been confirmed is the Ford F-150 hybrid. This pick-up only will come to north America and the Middle East by 2020. Highlighted by its great towing capacity and load, in addition to being able to become a builder mobile. There will also be a Ford Transit Custom hybrid, which will reach Europe in 2019. Your main objective will be to reduce operating costs in cities.

in Addition to these known models that add hybrid versions, there will also be new developments in the range. In 2020 there will come a small SUV 100% electric that will be marketed in north America, Europe and Asia. Highlighted by offering a autonomy of almost 500 kilometres. It is also on the agenda is a hybrid vehicle and autonomous dedicated to the commercial use and ride sharing that will come to north America in 2021.

Source – Ford

Ford Transit

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