There will be more AMG, a lot more AMG: up to 10 new models and even dealers themselves

range of Mercedes is in full renewal and with it, his supply of sports models which has also been mirrored by the arrival of a new step intermediate with representatives such as the recent Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 or the Mercedes-AMG AND 43, but the German firm want to even further and warn us that this year, Mercedes-AMG will grow substantially.

Among the latest releases of Mercedes-AMG we find the versions AMG Mercedes CLA or Mercedes-AMG C 63 Cabrio:

Tobias Moers, the head of Mercedes-AMG, has been commissioned to confirm that the range of models AMG will grow in “at least” 10 new alternatives to pass well from the 38 current models to near 50.

giving No more details and not happy with the strong growth of options AMG Moers has also pointed out that AMG will have a greater role in the distribution points, in which more AMG are sold, and even is valued as the possibility of having showrooms AMG independent.

Since then the recent duplicity of alternatives AMG, with the “43” more decaf and the “63” to the versions more performance, seems the more simple the task of achieving 10 new models AMG. In addition it is also hoped that this year we may know already Mercedes-AMG GT-R, the version, more radical, more “GT3”, the Mercedes-AMG GT.