There will be more drug testing this year


Photo: playing .(Flickr) CC BY

With a budget of 12 million euros, the DGT will strengthen surveillance on unauthorized substances or incompatible with driving. will Be 120.000 controls throughout the Spanish geography, except for Catalonia and the Basque country, with the powers of traffic transferred to the Mossos and the Police.

During 2015, 21% of tests were positive, hence the concern of the authorities. Is more, the toxicological analysis carried out to a very representative sample of the deceased -both drivers and pedestrians – throws the percentages are very worrying.

Mainly, the drugs most consumed are cannabis and cocaine. The controls can be made to anyone who is involved in an accident or commits violations, including crossing the street to walk by a place that is not enabled. Each control has an average cost of 100 euros, between the material sample and testing services in laboratories.


According to data from the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, is reducing the incidence of alcohol in accidents, not the consumption of drugs and psychoactive drugs. A positive control of drug leads a penalty of € 1,000 and the deduction of six points. It is possible to give positive even several days after consumption, and without presenting symptoms.