There will be more models of Renault with the initials RS

For many things it is known Renault: reliability, excitement, history and sportsmanship. Although their models have always had that special touch of sportiness, has been to the range signed by Renault Sport the most sensations have been able to awaken. These have lately lived a dark period that is about to end, because as it seems, Renault will extend its range RS.


Two letters that mean the high sportsmanship from the point of view of Renault

Now we can find two alone models of the diamond is accompanied by the acronym sports: the Renault Clio and the Renault M├ęgane, which even though it was a previous model, will continue to be sold until it is replaced by the new, and that will not be before the end of next year.

Due to the excellent acceptance of both models, we also do strange given the excellent performance that both are capable of displaying, the leaders of the brand, supported by the backing of Carlos Goshn, and they shall bear the initials RS to more models, although the time has not been specified in what.

The specialty of Renault, have always been a small sport compact. They will continue to be present as we discussed, but will be accompanied by other models. The Renault Talisman has all the ballots to be one of them. It is the bet of the brand in the market of the sedans, and given that their rivals also have units more dynamic, there is nothing far-fetched to think of a Talisman RS.

Another possible model in addition to the list is the Renault Kadjar. The new large SUV French could have a sports version always and when they fulfil three basic requirements: market demand, technical feasibility and economic viability. If the three are satisfied, we arrive to view the article. Until then they are mere words.


The Clio is the only model of the new count with the initials RS

For the time being since we say that they are mere ideas, assumptions stated by one of the senior managers of the firm. However is a symptom of a change of mentality. The public will be who has the last word on the subject, and in the meantime we will continue witnessing a complete renovation of the range, such as the Renault Scenic 2016.