There will be No 'cliff' with the Pirelli’s 2016


Pirelli has returned to take center stage this season, mainly due to the structural change of your tire and by the new compound that the teams have been able to get to know this week in Montmeló.

The new compound called ‘ultrablando’ is offering good results, commented Mario Isola, Sporting Director of the Italian brand. “Looks like it is working, the reaction is positive. This is not the best track to test the ultrablando, but at least we have evidence”. Montmeló is a track in which the lateral load is important to have several fast corners and long, in which the tyre works with a lot of stress. In addition, its asphalt is quite abrasive, so that the degradation is important, and something that in the compounds more soft is critical.

To this we must add that the teams must decide what compounds will be used in the Canadian Grand Prix, a track where traditionally we have chosen the compounds softer end of the range. For this reason, it is vital for them to know the best possible to this compound ultrablando before making a decision.

Isola expects an improvement of eight tenths with respect to the súperblando, something that is in line with what is expected for the simulations prior to the test, and is consistent with the data collected in the test in Abu Dhabi late last year. “This year, with three compounds would be good to have a difference between compounds is between 0.5 and one second. we Believe that we are in those figures.

Another of the novelties that concern to Pirelli for the season 2016 is the modification of the structure of the tire, which now includes a hardest compound below the tread. This is to avoid pilots to lengthen in excess of the relays and, theoretically, add unpredictability to the races. “causes a loss of grip, but it is gradual”, said Mario Isola to the question of whether the famous ‘cliff’ (loss notorious of grip from one lap to another) would return to the races. “we will Investigate this aspect with some analysis over the next few days, but at this point the data seem to be good”.